Can a non-binary or transgender individual become a Wilma Driver?

At Wilma, we recognize the dignity and worth of every person and will provide equal rights and opportunities without discrimination. Therefore, non-binary and trans people will be provided access that is consistent with their gender identity. If you wish to Drive for Wilma, and your gender identity is female, but you do not have an ‘F” on your driver’s license, please reach out to us directly at to be provided access.

How often do I need to renew my Vehicle Safety Standards Certificate (SSC)?

Your vehicle must pass a safety inspection every year. To enjoy a Wilma member discount on your vehicle inspection, see our list of affiliate licenced mechanics for London Ontario.

Important: Check to make sure your mechanic is licenced by the Ministry of Transportation and can issue a Safety Standard Certificate. Please note that Wilma does not cover the cost of the inspection, or any repairs or maintenance needed to pass an inspection.

What are your Driver and Vehicle requirements?

In order to drive with Wilma, please see our Driver and Vehicle requirements below:

  • You have a valid Ontario Driver’s License – Class G or equivalent (G1 or G2 is not allowed), you have a minimum of 3 years of driving history in Ontario, you are 25 yrs old or older and your Driver’s License gender is designated as Female.
  • Your name is listed on the insurance policy submitted. If you are a secondary driver, please include a photo of the insurance policy document that has your name on it. Please ensure your insurance company is aware that you will be participating in rideshare activities.
  • Your vehicle has an Ontario license plate and is in good condition with no visible damage, has 4 doors and working seatbelts for every passenger including yourself. To drive in London Ontario your vehicle must be 10 years or newer, for Toronto and GTA your vehicle must be 7 years or newer. Please note commercial branding on your vehicle is not permitted and your vehicle cannot be salvaged or rebuilt. Please ensure that the car information on the submitted registration matches the vehicle description of the submitted insurance document.
  • The name on your Proof of Work Eligibility matches your Driver’s License name and your Proof of Work document is not expired. Valid Proof of Work Eligibility documents include: Canadian passport, Canadian Residency card, Canadian Birth Certificate, Canadian Citizenship card, Certificate of Indian Status and Canadian Work Permit.
  • Your vehicle must pass an inspection by a mechanic licensed by the Ministry of Transportation, who will then issue you a Safety Standards Certificate (SSC). This inspection must be completed annually while driving with Wilma. Please ensure you upload a photo of your Safety Standards Certificate (SSC) within 60 days of passing the inspection for London and 36 days for Toronto and the GTA. For locations of licensed mechanics in London Ontario, please see our list of affiliated licensed mechanics.
  • To drive with Wilma, you must also pass a Motor Vehicle Record check and Criminal Record and Judicial Matters check. Wilma uses a third-party company, Certn, to review these screenings.

Why should I consider becoming a Wilma Driver?

Driving with Wilma will provide you with:

  • Increased peace of mind, knowing that a woman is in the backseat
  • More cash in hand, with Wilma offering the best earning rates (85% ride fare vs 70% – 75% industry standard) in the ride hailing industry
  • Driving time flexibility – with the peace of mind that comes with driving another Wilma female member, you can feel more comfortable driving anytime
  • Wilma has brokered deals with partners to reduce the costs of driving for Wilma. In addition, as a member of Wilma, Drivers are also eligible for discounts and perks from our growing list of affiliate partners

What’s it like to be a Wilma Driver?

Since 2012, transportation-as-a-service has become ingrained in the travel plans of people around the world. Now, for every woman who has wanted to join the ride hailing gig economy but was concerned about her own safety, Wilma is here.

When you join Wilma, you are entering a community of empowered women who are choosing to travel together. As soon as you pick up your Wilma Rider, you can expect predictability in your experience. Wilma is specifically designed to provide you with the opportunity to join the ride hailing gig economy within an atmosphere of trust and sisterhood.

And Wilma offers incredible earning potential, with our Drivers keeping 85% of the ride fare on every ride.

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