Her-Ride Corporate Memberships

Why Ride with Wilma?

  • Wilma is North America’s first Women Driving Women ride hailing service.
  • We are dedicated to the safety of women and gender-diverse folks.
  • Wilma is a membership-based community with an atmosphere of trust.
  • We are committed to being North American Women’s ride service of choice.
  • And most importantly, Wilma will get you where you are going hassle-free.
How do I sign up?

To become a Wilma Rider,
download the app, pick a membership plan, and sign up in-app.

Get ready to ride with Wilma.


  • $155.88 renews annually


  • $41.97 renews quarterly


  • $14.99 renews monthly
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Coming soon to London, Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA!

  • Regular ride rates apply
  • NO BOOKING FEES, saving you up to $4.75 per ride, depending on your location
  • Guests of any gender are welcome to join your ride – some conditions apply
  • Cancel anytime

Join the travelling sisterhood

Download the app and become a rider!

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