Can I gift a membership?

Yes! Memberships can be gifted to all the women in your life that you want to see get from point A to point B with peace of mind. Yearly, quarterly and monthly memberships are available for gifting, as well as opportunities for your organization to provide Wilma memberships to your female employees.

Can a non-binary or transgender individual join as a Wilma Rider member?

At Wilma, we recognize the dignity and worth of every person and will provide equal rights and opportunities without discrimination. Therefore, non-binary and trans people will be provided access that is consistent with their gender identity. If you wish to be a Rider member with Wilma, and your gender identity is female, please reach out to us directly at to be provided access.

Why should I consider becoming a Wilma Rider member?

As a Wilma Rider member, not only are you investing in your own peace-of-mind with the knowledge that another woman member is always in the driver’s seat, you will also not be charged the industry-standard booking fee, saving you up to $4.75 (City dependant) on every ride. In addition, by being a part of our travelling sisterhood community, you are helping women Drivers benefit from safe and profitable access to the ride hailing gig economy.

What’s it like to ride with Wilma?

Since 2012, transportation-as-a-service has become ingrained in the travel plans of people around the world. Now, for every woman who has ever had to make up a story, fake a phone call, or mention a fake husband to feel safer, Wilma is here.

When you join Wilma, you are entering a community of empowered women who are choosing to ride together. As soon as you sit in the vehicle, you can expect predictability in your experience – focusing on the priorities of your day versus the unknowns in your ride.

In addition to our diligent safety protections and investment in advanced API, all members are directed to upload a selfie on our easy-to-use app, so that Wilma Drivers and Riders feel like they’re driving with a friend, creating an atmosphere of trust and sisterhood.

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