What specific safety measures are in place with Wilma?

Wilma is dedicated to the safety, comfort and empowerment of our Riders and Drivers alike. We take the safety of our members very seriously, incorporating features and requirements such as:

  • Thorough vetting of our Drivers’ background and driving history through the Wilma platform API integration of Certn – a third-party leader in background screening solutions. Background screening for Wilma Drivers includes safe driving record, criminal background and judicial matters checks
  • Incorporation of Driver facial recognition technology for driver’s licence identity verification
  • Wilma Rider / Driver community guidelines developed to support and safeguard a welcoming environment for our Riders and Drivers alike. Failure to comply with the agreed upon guidelines will result in loss of access to the Wilma platform
  • Rider members must always be in the car with their guests and guests are required to follow the Wilma community guidelines