Why should I consider becoming a Wilma Driver?

Driving with Wilma will provide you with:

  • Increased peace of mind, knowing that a woman is in the backseat
  • More cash in hand, with Wilma offering the best earning rates (85% ride fare vs 70% – 75% industry standard) in the ride hailing industry
  • Driving time flexibility – with the peace of mind that comes with driving another Wilma female member, you can feel more comfortable driving anytime
  • Wilma has brokered deals with partners to reduce the costs of driving for Wilma. In addition, as a member of Wilma, Drivers are also eligible for discounts and perks from our growing list of affiliate partners

What’s it like to be a Wilma Driver?

Since 2012, transportation-as-a-service has become ingrained in the travel plans of people around the world. Now, for every woman who has wanted to join the ride hailing gig economy but was concerned about her own safety, Wilma is here.

When you join Wilma, you are entering a community of empowered women who are choosing to travel together. As soon as you pick up your Wilma Rider, you can expect predictability in your experience. Wilma is specifically designed to provide you with the opportunity to join the ride hailing gig economy within an atmosphere of trust and sisterhood.

And Wilma offers incredible earning potential, with our Drivers keeping 85% of the ride fare on every ride.

How much is a membership?

Wilma Riders can choose from a variety of membership options to best suit their needs.

  • Annual membership – $155.88 (costing only $12.99 per month)
  • Quarterly membership – $41.97 (costing only $13.99 per month)
  • Monthly membership – $14.99 per month

Can corporations join Wilma? Is Wilma interested in collaborations?

Absolutely! Wilma is all about business travel made easy, giving you the opportunity to offer your female employees a safe, easy and hassle-free commute to work, to business events, to the airport or home. We invite you to join the rally cry for female employee safety to / from the workplace, by giving the gift of peace of mind. To find out more, contact us.

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